BTraversing Academic Fields, Cultures, and Sectors in Research
B-1 Tell me more about interdisciplinary and international joint research!
Being able to engage in various forms of academic research is one of the best parts of being a scholar at a university. Not only can you work in existing fields and areas, but there are also opportunities to carry out research that fuses different fields, as well as to do joint research with scholars from overseas.

Does “interdisciplinary research” refer to research carried out in collaboration with researchers from other fields?

I’d like to do interdisciplinary research and international joint research from an early stage in my career.

I want to build networks so that I can engage in research internationally. How do I use Kyoto University’s overseas hubs?
Click here for information on programs providing hard (funding) and soft support to researchers who want to engage in interdisciplinary research and/or international joint research.
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