AResearch and Educational Activities
A-2 Tell me more about research group management and teaching!
Compared to ten years ago, the makeups of research groups/offices referred to as kenkyu-shitsu have changed greatly. While in the past many had a professor, associate professor, and associate lecturer (jokyo), now it is not rare to find different setups. Sometimes, associate professors or associate lecturers might have their own research groups. The career backgrounds and roles of scholars are also diversifying. For example, there are former company employees, as well as faculty members who primarily carry out specific kinds of professional work.

I’m unsure how to properly divide my time between my own work and the professor’s joint research projects.

I’ve been hired specifically for a project and all of my work on the job relates to it. I want to skillfully use my time and the programs available to me.

I’m not that familiar with how things work at this university, and I’d like to have someone to talk with about research group management and teaching.

I’m in charge of improving the research and educational environment for my research group, and I’d like to put this work to use in my own research.

What kind of support for daily life matters does Kyoto University offer to study abroad students and scholars from overseas?
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