About This Site
Life as a scholar is a succession of choices.
We’ve created this website to help scholars
identify and select the information needed in this process,
enabling them to be confident in their chosen paths.
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Here, twenty-three Kyoto University organizations have come together to offer information for individuals dedicated to building their new career as a scholar or looking to expand the scope of their current academic activities.

After interviewing scholars who recently assumed posts at Kyoto University, we created this website’s information categories and sub-topics based on our analysis and categorization of their concerns. It consists of four broad categories, under each of which one finds two sub-topics. These sub-pages are comprised of researcher’s questions and concerns, the related views of experts, as well as information on Kyoto University support systems and websites.

Looking to start something new, or unsure about how to proceed? Stop by anytime. We’ll be at your side, working to share tools and new discoveries useful for your research and career.