Organizations Providing Support

Information about engaging in research and education with scholars from other fields, as well as related support systems and Kyoto University activities.

Archiving service for old materials created in the process of education and research at Kyoto University. The archives are accessible on the internet by a digital archives system Peek.

Kyoto University Research Coordination Alliance

Carries out work that connects and strengthens the strong points of the university’s research institutes and centers to bolster research abilities, globalize the university, and increase its capacity for innovation.

Find out how to use the library for education and research, how to release research findings and educational outcomes, as well as about journals and publishing.

We support to create startups from Kyoto U and invest in them.

Shares research outcomes with businesses and society, facilitates joint research, and provides services for establishing and managing consortia.

Carries out work related to the management of conflicts of interest.

Promotes medical innovation through science and business collaboration, from the uncovering and collecting of medical intellectual property to its use.

The Kyoto University Foundation

Provides funds for Kyoto University-based education, academic research, international exchange, and more.

Talk to someone about doing joint research with companies, securing and using intellectual property, turning research findings into business projects, and more.

Talk with someone about using and getting access to information and communication services in research and education: communication networks, research lab servers, class support systems, supercomputers, and more.

Carries out work related to environmental management, safety management (chemicals, radiation), and health management (health checkups) based on laws and university-specific regulations.

Professional assistance with new project ideas, funding, publishing and more. Information on support systems for advancing your research.

International Education and Student Mobility Division

Carries out work related to accepting and supporting international students, as well as Kyoto University students going abroad for study/research.

Agency for Student Support and Disability Resources
Facilities Department Property Management Division
Medical Research Support Center

For those looking for information on using shared equipment at the center or support in outsourcing analysis.

The go-to place for help regarding sick child care, work support systems, and work-life balance.

Information on living in Japan for scholars, students and their families.

Management Office for Research Regulations Research Promotion Department

Carrying out work related to maintaining ethics and safety in the life sciences and other research fields, management of animals experiments, proper implementation of recombinant DNA experiments, etc., management of pathogens, etc. and
security export control.

Research Promotion Division Research Strategy Section

An agent that contributes to society by supporting technology transfer of its university partners including Kyoto University.

The Kyoto University Museum

Carry out research using academic specimens, or display the fruits of your research using the museum’s facilities.