DScholars' Careers
D-1 What about overseas experience and career building?
Opportunities are increasing for scholars to gain experience in international settings, such as presentations at international conferences and study groups that bring in overseas scholars. Also, there are more than a few scholars who are trying to make the long-term choice of securing a research position overseas.

I’d like to engage in discussions with famous overseas scholars in my field.

I’d like to try getting a position overseas.

I’d like to do research overseas and formulate a plan in a way that takes into account how I’ll build my career after going back to my home country.

I’m looking for advice on putting in place a foundation for engaging in research overseas.

I’m going to be assuming a research post at Kyoto University, and would like more information on the support the university provides for matters in daily life.
Click here for information on programs for scholars aiming to gain experience outside of Japan or to come to Japan and engage in research.
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